Home alone

H went to Girona and left me alone.

Date Evening meal One (or more) thing(s) that happened Image (some days)
April 21st Dahl Waved H goodbye at Aberystwyth international interchange
April 22nd Omelette Gondoliers: Sophie on flute
April 23rd Sossage sandwich Visited the The Western
April 24th Cup-a-soup, pate on biscuits, yoghourt, apple (diet day) Shrewsbury - hmmm. CJP on train.
April 25th - (see right) Filming with very disorganised young men. Met "Alex"
April 26th Nice chicken casserole [emptying freezer] Clwb Llyfr
April 27th Other half of chicken casserole Garden, rehearsal
April 28th Pasta Garden, bridge (very bad)
April 29th Other half of Pasta Garden, Celtic challenge, suit, Bernie, XII Nite
April 30th Quiche Rehearsal, bridge
May 1st Soup/sandwich (see right) Couchsurfer, dress rehearsal, Kevin & Faaeza
May 2nd Remainder of quiche Bees, Bob in the Castell, bonfire
May 3rd Mango chicken (Arts Centre) Shrewsbury, joint pain
May 4th Omelette (in a hurry) Doctor, Ystwyth Books, dress rehearsal
May 5th Pork steak with apple [emptying freezer] Nurse, Bees, German, first night
May 6th Ras el Hanout chicken (Medina) T's birthday, 2 performances
May 7th Denise, Anwen and Jackie's leftover chips B's birthday, Bees, 2 performances
May 8th Skinilicious soup, brie on biscuits, BCS crap Swimming, X-ray, Llyr/no Llyr
May 9th Chick pea curry, Victoria Hotel Bradford Trip to Bradford
May 10th Indian Street food, Manchester (yum) CS in Bradford university, Bill
May 11th Skinilicious soup, yoghourt (see right) Shrewsbury - hmmm
May 12th Soft pasta G's birthday, Bridge (Jo leaving)
May 13th Louche snacks (see right) Script workshop, Bees, Louche party
May 14th Soft pasta leftovers Bridge tournament (did well), Gwesty Castell
May 15th Zoom to Girona

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